Mommy, Why did Jesus die on the Cross?

So my child is asking these questions and while I can explain to an adult the reasoning and can quote the infamous John 3:16 scripture to them they may walk away with an understanding and assume they are satisfied in knowing what it states. To a three year old who is trying to understand the world around her would probably not suffice the same response. So as I sat dumfounded that those words would even come out of her mouth, my only response was because he loved us so much. While she stared back and before she could utter WHY, I simply mentioned that God loved us so much that he wants us to be with him in heaven one day. The only way to get to God is through his son Jesus and we need to love him because he first loved us. Again I know that this is falling on naive ears. But I pray that one day she can grasp the concept. For her to be asking is telling me that she is listening. So I need to keep talking. Before she hit the pillow tonight the topic came up again in our nightly prayers. Why did Jesus die on the Cross? To show her innocence she also asked, am I going to die on the cross? My response…No baby Jesus already died on the cross for us. We are not going to die on the cross. (The whole time I’m thinking to myself who the heck has this conversation with a three year old. Silently I pray, God how in do I answer my child with these questions. Please help me!)

Tonight we prayed that one day she understands, for now I pray for wisdom to help me get through these conversations. And the idea of a church school or a seeking a children’s pastor at church for parental guidance may be a good start.

John 3:16 (NLT) “For God loved the world so much that he gave his one and only son, so that everyone who believes in him will not perish but have eternal life.”

Lord, I do not have all the answers. I want you to be part of our daily conversations. I want to praise you and I want my children to see and hear me praising you for all your glory. Thank you for dying on the cross. Thank you for loving us. Please help me to answer my children in the way you want me to answer them. Even though I may think she is not listening to me, the things she says makes me realize she is. Give me wisdom to answer them. Please speak through me. In your name we pray. Amen

5 thoughts on “Mommy, Why did Jesus die on the Cross?

  1. I can imagine the difficulty we face in making the little kids understand certain things. They are so curious and we have no right answers!! That’s some situation where we need some guidance from above!

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