You know, Jesus is the Big Boss…..

These were the words uttered from my three years old mouth as I prepared dinner tonight. Where it came from I am not sure as it almost seemed a random thought. But random wouldn’t really be the word if I stopped to think back a few days about the explanation of why the dark gray clouds in the sky may have brought the possibility of a tornado. My anxious daughter couldn’t seem to shake the fact that the tornado warnings she saw on tv were coming to our house. She has begun  the stage of her life where EVERY response to my explanations are WHY. But WHY mommy? and WHY mommy? so because WHY mommy?

While I try to keep the table turning and initiating conversation with my daughter we go back and forth with the WHYs and the answers until it dawned on me that particular day that scientific responses of how the clouds and barometric wind pressure were explanations that had no meaning to even myself; The greatest answer I could give her was because God is the Boss. As I waited for a “but why mommy?” she paused looked at me and said, “hey, like daddy says you are the boss!” Yes baby like daddy says I am the boss, except God is the Boss. He is the boss over everyone including me, you, daddy, and brother.

Somehow my husband instilled the word boss as the person who is in charge and all answers come from them. While clearly I do not know everything except that I trained my husband well. I do know that God and his Son Jesus Christ are continually exalted in our house. My child does hear me constantly in prayer having conversations with God. We pray together and talk about reasons for praying. We also talk now about why we don’t always have to know why.

It’s important for me as a mother to stop trying to provide all the answers for my children and pray about how to answer them in a way that God would want me to. As we practice living his will it definitely is not something that I want her to expect from me in that Mommy will always have an answer. And her knowing that God is the Big Boss is enough for me right now to know that she is hearing me. We don’t have to know why. We just have to know that He does.

Ephesians 1:11

(NIV) “ In him we were also chosen, having been predestined according to the plan of him who works out everything in conformity with the purpose of his will,”

Lord, help me to answer my children in a way that if fitting for you. Though I definitely do not know all the answers please don’t allow me to act like I do for my children. Let them see and understand the humility that comes along with not knowing. In your name we pray. Amen.


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