Pain, Death, and Inevitability

So over the last few months my daughter and I have been having various conversations about death. Why? Because she asked! But also because some family members have passed and here or there she hears about someone dying or a bug dying or a dead animal.

So as a mom, how do I explain death of a person to a child whose only response is why? So even though she may not fully understand an honest answer is better than a sugar coated one. Am I too harsh? No, I just want my children to know the truth.

So, the truth. Well the truth is that death and the pain it brings with it are inevitable. When we discuss why there is hurt, pain, and death in this world we go back to the beginning when sin entered the world through Adam and Eve’s failure to trust God completely. Their temptation away from His plan for them brought pain into existence.

Everyday we go through a battle struggling with temptations and roller coaster emotions that pull us away from the gift God has sent us. His plan to get us back was the gift of His son Jesus. When we make the decision to accept Him as our Savior we get back to Him. So even though there is death in this world we have the hope to one day be reunited with the people we have lost. Painful? Yes. Inevitable? Yes. The End? No.

Romans 15:13

“I pray that God, the source of hope, will fill you completely with joy and peace because you trust in him. Then you will overflow with confident hope through the power of the Holy Spirit.”

Dear Lord,  Please help us to accept your will for our lives. Help us to live according to your plan and ours. Also help us to stay focused on you and your Son Jesus. Though we know death is inevitable please help us stay focused on you with the hope of knowing that when it is our time we will see you and the ones we love again.

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