Whose Lost?

These were my daughter’s words to me the other day while eating breakfast. Her valid thought of someone of being lost meant someone who didn’t know what direction they were driving on the road. As is her frequent question to me when I talk my way out of a wrong turn, “Mommy, are you lost?” My sullen response is always, “No baby, we are not lost I just took a wrong turn.” She is not yet at the understanding that the true meat of our conversation was discussing someone who was living without Jesus.

I soon found myself discussing the idea of being lost as a sheep who wanders away from his shepherd and his flock. The shepherd calls for his sheep and he doesn’t return home because he took a wrong turn. He thinks he can make it on his own in the wild. But the sheep doesn’t bother to try and return until hungry wolves try to eat him. The shepherd will take him back but he needs to make a decision to find his way back if he wants to get away from the hungry wolves. With puzzled eyes she looked at me and I prayed that one day she would understand how this all to well correlates with the idiosyncrasies of the world we live in.

While one conversation will not help her to fully grasp this concept, any chance we get to have this discussion will hopefully make sense one day. Even when we take a wrong turn.

Luke 19:10 (NLT)

” For the Son of Man came to seek and save those who are lost.”

Dear Lord, please guide the discussions we have with our children. The realities of this world are all to real but we know that you sent your Son to save us. Please guide us to him and away from the hungry wolves. We thank you for your Son and the greatness that his life brings to us. Give us your wisdom in leading these conversations with our children. In Jesus’ name we pray. Amen.






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